Wednesday, July 07, 2010

From here to there to here again-part 1

I'll tell you something, it takes a lot of stuff for only two people and a very small dog to go traveling for a week. I think that very small dog brings almost as much as we do. I really should get her her own cute little suitcase. Maybe that would be overboard...

I'll tell you something else, there's no better way to start the summer off than with a road trip.
We like the driving part, the seeing part, the taking pictures part. And the hotels along the way part. yes, we are big fans of road trips.
This year we are in central Oregon.
We are staying at Sunriver, but one of the attractions of the area is Sisters, Oregon.
The weekend after we leave, Sisters is holding its quilt show. Apparently, its the largest outdoor quilt show in the world with over 1000 quilts hanging on display outside...I'm sad that its the weekend after we leave :(
But I did manage to see several Pre-show quilts on display

and I did buy a quilt "kit" in the local quilt shop. They had the quilt on display and all the fabric and the pattern to make it already cut. Although I have one quilt I need to finish up, Im so excited to get started on this new one. Sisters has really inspired me to put some miles on my sewing machine.

one more attraction in Sisters...Sisters coffee company. Theee best coffee and my vote for cutest coffee shop


Anonymous said...

roadtrip + quilts + coffee = perfection. :)

Thanks so much for these pictures! Your trip has been so much fun to follow. And, what the heck... go for the doggie suitcase! !

Tracy said...

What a Wonderful Looking Trip!