Sunday, July 18, 2010

moving along

Once again I changed my mind about my quilt.  I had started to put it together, then thought I'd rather make it a rag quilt, so I grabbed the seam ripper and took apart the blocks I had sewn together.
Thinking again, I decided to keep to the pattern. So, back together it went.
on closer inspection of this photo it looks like that orange strip right there in the middle has just a tish of skewing, but now that I know its there I kind of like it :) It makes it like me, just a bit off, but overall okay.

So before I could change my mind I sat down and went to work. The top is now finished and I can move on to the quilting. yeah!


Sharon Bloom said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! You'll just have to make another one, huh? So many ways to make them... it can be overwhelming to decide on just one pattern I think.

Stephanie Vetne said...

Susan! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

Suzelle said...

Oh my ogsh Susan....this is GORGEOUS !!!!! I LOVE, LOVE the colors !!!!!!