Sunday, July 11, 2010


Being at the Sisters Oregon quilt show sparked the itch to get quilting again.
Normally I love to sew during the winter months, not so much in the summer. Until now.
I wanted to share a few more of the quilts that were displayed at the pre-show.

This quilt was so beautiful. It was so realistic..almost like a photograph. (click on the photo to make it bigger to see the detail) The picture was a quilt hanging on the fence, with the three sisters mountains in the background and surrounded with pine trees. It was almost like looking at a painting, until you realized it was tiny pieces of fabric pieced together.
These were some of the quilts hanging in the fabric store
Obviously this store was the center of activity during the week leading up to the show.

and this it the quilt I purchased the kit to make at home. I love the grey, yellow, pinks and greens.
The pattern is called - Another brick in the wall.
The kit came with the pattern and instructions, and all the fabric for the quilt top. I will just need to buy the backing fabric and the batting once I get the top done.

This little antique store had a friendship quilt from the early 1900's hanging outside. It was in beautiful condition. Each square was made by a different lady and she signed her name in embroidery in the middle of her square.
Finally, here are just a few more pictures of this adorable little antique shop that I couldn't resist sharing


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh!!! so beautiful! :) The kit you bought is great, I can't wait to see yours come together!

Tracy said...

Ooh! The quilt kit YOU BOUGHT is the one I liked the best out of all that you photographed! FUN!