Tuesday, September 14, 2010

thank you to my husband

Dear Husband,

I just want to say thank you. 
Thank you for the 2,314,872 cups of coffee in the morning.
Thank you for doing the laundry, even though I can fold better than you even if you don’t think so, I’ll just let it go, so thank you.
Thank you for not getting too offended when I seem to get annoyed at you for interrupting me when I appear to be doing nothing.
Thank you for listening to me rant on for hours about pretty much anything.
Thank you for not suggesting things to solve those problems because Im ranting about, you know at that point, it’s not really the point. Just listen.
Thank you for tactfully ignoring all the time and money I seem to spend at the hairdressers to cover the grey hair.
Thank you for watching chick flicks with me even though I won’t watch yucky sci-fi action movies with you.
Thank you for being kind and funny especially when I really need you to be kind and funny
Thank you for listening to my radio station when I know you’d probably rather be listening to a different radio station
Thank you for the best twenty five years any woman could possibly wish for