Saturday, October 23, 2010

boiled potato, steamed carrots and chicken breast

Chicken pot pie?
the dogs dinner
Lately she's been suffering from a food allergy from something in her dog food.
We're not sure what it is, but something is causing her to itch.

So, we're going back to the basics.
Chicken, potato, carrot and green beans. Nothing else.
If she's okay with this, then we'll know what she's NOT allergic to and we can start adding.
In the meantime we all need to get some sleep, and with her insistent scratching, none of us are sleeping well.
I just hope she will eat dog food again after this

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

decorating dilemmas

It must be fall. Fall always makes me want to cozy up our indoors. Reading decorating blogs, thumbing through decorating magazines, studying pottery barn catalogs and pouring over paint chips is an addiction of mine.  Paul and I love watching HGTV shows. These photos are a few of what is inspiring me now. Red red red. Im so in love with the red in each of these pictures.  
The top two are from Pottery barn. 

and these bottom two are from Sarah Richardson
We have nightstands in our bedroom that look a lot like the one in this bedroom photo, except that ours have a bottom drawer.  Im thinking that it would be an easy thing to do to pull out that bottom drawer and remove the drawer glide so it can be an open space, and paint them. They look so much better dressed up in red, but any other color would work. I don't have red in our bedroom, but tan or blue would work just as well. Spray paint the shinny brass hardware with some Rubbed Oil Finish paint would really update the look of our 20 year old bedroom furniture.

Yesterday I used all my willpower and did not paint my coat closet door red. Adore this entry way. Red paisley curtains, baskets, a sitting bench and a vase full of fall branches crate such a welcoming entry. But that door. I love it.
Yesterday I decided I need to vent this need to paint something red so I took a little trip to my favorite antique store downtown.  Its a great store and I found tons of stuff I could use, but ended up bringing home just a few projects to start with.
First off, I couldn't resist this little chippy ladder for less than $10.

Right now I've set this little ladder in the guest bedroom. It makes me smile every time I walk past it and see that flash of red. I think it will find its way into lots of different spaces around the house. Maybe next to the christmas tree or even out on the front porch. We'll see where it travels to. Its already red, but it needs a coat of clear polyurethane to keep the paint from falling off any more. It flakes off everywhere when you touch it.

The second thing I brought home with me is this little bench for $23.

It fits this little wall in our entry way and looks perfect against this red wall and it gives Paul a place to sit and take off his work shoes.  It does need a little cleaning up and I intend to paint it, although we haven't decided on a color yet. Paul thinks it would look good black, I'm leaning toward a butter cream or even a khaki tannish with a stripe cushion like the one in the pottery barn hall tree photo or a pillow like the Sarah Richardson entry way.

Least you think Im seriously stuck on red, two last photos. I'm seriously in love this blue/grey wall color from potterybarn. The color is Newburyport blue- Benjamin Moore HC-155. I will be picking up a sample to test it on the dining room/living room wall. It looks very dark, but I think it would look really nice against the brick fireplace. That room gets light all day long so it may not be too dark. I really love the black and white photos and the yellow/golds which is what our sofa and carpets are, and even that little touch of a red rug :).  My uncertainty is whether or not this would just be on the focal wall,  or the entire room. I think just a focal wall balanced out with a cream color on the other walls, something like jicama Benjamin Moore AF-315. Dilemmas...

edited to add...picked up paint samples and this is incredibly dark. But I picked up two other lighter versions and the lightest is so far the best. Still a dilemma...

No dilemma here. This craft/sewing room is perfect...thinking a couple of old dressers, or maybe that old credenza I saw at the antique store yesterday for $30, painted this pretty blue, would make the perfect sewing corner.