Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas past

Another Christmas past
I’m not sure how a day so anticipated can come and go so quickly.
So much work goes into making this day happen and be special and then poof!, its done, gone, over.

I admit, I put way too much energy into trying to make it as good as I possibly can. I do love doing it because I love Christmas time. But, when its over, it leaves me feeling a big fat let down that its over too soon, or when it doesn't all go Martha Stewart perfect or when I feel that everyone is not as happy as I hope they'd be. And there always seems to be a bit of drama with my extended family when it comes to big holidays. Who's hosting, who's coming, who's bringing what...and so on.

I vow not to do it again next year, but I know that next year I will be tempted to do the same thing all over again.  Because when you get it right, its the best feeling ever.
But there must be a better way to make it special without killing yourself trying.
As adults, we shop, bake, cook, wrap, decorate, stress, plan…when in reality, the magic is right in front of us. Its in your family and friends. Its in your home.

What I did this year that I loved, and what I could do without and what I missed that I want to do next year...

Loved baking cookies with Jen.
Could do without the complex, time consuming sugar cookies that I ended up throwing away because nobody ate them.

Loved watching our favorite movies on Christmas Eve
Could do without the big dinner on Christmas eve. Next year, Nachos and more movies

Wish we would have taken a drive to see holiday lights...we need to scope out some good holiday neighborhoods

Wish I would have taken more pictures before Christmas. The few that I took on Christmas day didn't come out very well...grainy and blurry.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

terrariums ... my version

so after the inspiration post last week I had to give a terrarium a try. 
I have lots of potential lidded glassware to use but I needed to round up some smaller plants that would fit in them. I found some small 2" plants at a local nursery so I picked up a few.
Here's two I planted last week and I've got plants for a few more.
I put some polished rocks and bits of moss in each jar

These were really fun to make and I like the fact that because of the lids, they need little to no care or watering. I'm bad about watering ...
We'll see if these survive

Thursday, December 09, 2010

terrarium love

 Another post to add some terrarium ideas to my crafty folder.
Terrariums are making a comeback and I'm seeing them tucked into corners and on windowsills everywhere. I remember making these when I was younger, out of big glass bottles.
Now I see them in everything from  beautiful apothecary jars to mason jars. I think they look so pretty in groups and the small bulbs that hang from fishing line are adorable.
I'd love to make one of these self contained eco systems for my desk. They require so little care I think they would work much better for the office where I often forget to water plants. Heck, I forget to water them at home too.
thinking about making some for Christmas gifts....hmmm

 love this little hobbit stump house and some cute little mushrooms