Thursday, December 09, 2010

terrarium love

 Another post to add some terrarium ideas to my crafty folder.
Terrariums are making a comeback and I'm seeing them tucked into corners and on windowsills everywhere. I remember making these when I was younger, out of big glass bottles.
Now I see them in everything from  beautiful apothecary jars to mason jars. I think they look so pretty in groups and the small bulbs that hang from fishing line are adorable.
I'd love to make one of these self contained eco systems for my desk. They require so little care I think they would work much better for the office where I often forget to water plants. Heck, I forget to water them at home too.
thinking about making some for Christmas gifts....hmmm

 love this little hobbit stump house and some cute little mushrooms


Tracy said...

I am always attracted to them too! I think they'd be a great gift & anyone you made one for would LOVE it!

Sharon Bloom said...

Did you make any? They are so beautiful! Steve loves them... he's always trying to get our kids to make them. Still. :)