Monday, November 14, 2011


So as I mentioned in the last post, Paul and I have been on this adventure. We are looking for another house in Oregon. This will be something that we will use on long weekends, vacations and holidays until we retire. It will then become our full time home.
We have a pretty specific list of must haves. It must be a single level home. It will probably be a fixer upper, and thats okay. We are more interested in location than condition. It is really important to us that the house be located in Bend, not in one of the surrounding communities. We want it to be centrally located. We want a nice neighborhood with neighbors that take care of their property.

We've made 6 or so trips to Bend this summer to look at properties. With each of those trips our list of must have's has evolved.
Case in point...
We found a house that we really liked. So much so that we made an offer on it. We were in competion with three other offers, but ours was accepted. While we were waiting for the bank to approve our offer we changed our mind...because the house was in a neighboring community and not directly in Bend.
This is the house we were days away from purchasing.
It was everything we thought at the time we wanted.
Then we changed our minds.
It was the right house, but it wasn't in the right place.

So we withdrew our offer to the other waiting bids to happily moved forward with it.
And so our search continues, but now we know a little more about what we will accept and what we won't.
Its all a learning experience.
Exciting times.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I have drifted away from blogging lately. I feel with posting status updates on Facebook I'm saying all I need to say about whats happening in my life. I haven't read blogs or even thought about blogs the whole summer. Nor have I worked on my scrapbook
...and I do miss it.
Maybe its the colder season coming that makes me want to scrapbook and blog.

Today I flipped through some of my favorite blogs. This always inspires me to do more of this myself. Reading some of the entries really brought it home to me how much I miss documenting.
Right now Paul and I are on a great adventure. We have spent much of the past two months looking for a house to buy in Oregon that will be our second home for awhile, and eventually be our full time home. This is a huge milestone for us. One we have been planning and saving for for most of our married life...and I should be documenting the process.
Traveling back and forth, constantly scanning new MLS listings, working with our Realtor, these are the things that consume almost every day and many weekends. Its a 6 hour drive each way so going to look at a house takes some planning.
And I haven't been documenting any of it.
I know that I will regret it someday.
So, today that will change.

To start, I saw a post that Ali did a few days ago. She's such a great inspiration when it comes to just putting down daily thoughts. She posted an entry of some random things that were happening in their world.  I'm stealing her idea, copied some of hers and thought of some of my own.
Here's whats going on at our house this week

of home decorating
Lots of great ideas on lately. This website is one of my favorite pastimes lately
that a house I'm falling in love with is still on the market this weekend when we will finally get to go see it.
another trip to Oregon this weekend...see praying
Ethan and Jaryn came over last night so we picked up a take home and bake pizza. I forgot Ethan wants plain cheese but he seemed happy after everything was picked off for him and he ate two pieces. As long as there's plenty of Ranch dressing for him to dip it in, he's happy.
for the Thanksgiving table decorations. I'm excited that we are hosting my family this year at our house.
We baked a turkey breast this past weekend with some stuffing we picked up from Metropolitan Market. Getting in the mood for fall.

That's small, but its a start...more to come

Sunday, June 26, 2011

even though its been a spring thats more like fall...

My Peony still knows its time to do this....
And I always know its the middle of June, because my Peony tells me so.  Its like clockwork.

And it smells amazing.
They say peonies are kind of touchy and I don't consider myself as having a green thumb, but somehow I have these growing in my yard.  I plant something and it will either live or die. If it struggles, I have no idea how to help it. I'll do my best to give it a proper start, but for the most part my plants are on their own.
My peonies and my lilacs are superstars though. They make me look good in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, I planted my Peonies in the right place for them to do was purely accidental, believe me.
They were one of the first things I planted when we moved into this house 16 years ago and I wish I had planted them somewhere different. But here they are, and I dont intend on moving them. There are two main clumps and I have split off 2 smaller plants to other areas of the yard. Those are not doing quite as well as the two original plants, yet. Peonies take time to really bloom well....and they don't like to be moved. Mine are growing right smack in the middle of a big patch of ivy. Somehow, they always seem to grow up through the ivy and bloom like crazy. My bushes are truely amazing and always FULL of flowers, and I love them for making me look like I know what Im doing.

The blooms are the size of a dinner plate which is awesome because one two or three flowers is a stunning bouquet. Many more and the fragrance might overwhelm you. They are VERY fragrant.
I love plants that make me look like I know what Im doing

Sunday, June 19, 2011

chick chick

So on fathers day my sister received a box full of chicks she had ordered.  They were so cute!
They'd been in a box overnight and once they got let out, they had a big drink of water, a nice warm clean rubbermaid box, and a heat lamp.
Every one of them was a different kind of chicken.  I loved this one

There were several that had zebra stripes on them. I don't know what its going to look like when its a grown chicken, but as a chick its pretty darn cute...
Here's a look into the box...lots and lots of chickies...

here's another shot of my favorite.  Cute and fluffy for now.

This guy has a big pom pom on his head. It'll grow into a big feather poof.  

Chickie butts...hehe
They were really entertaining. We watched them hop around, peck at the newspaper and drink water. My sister put rocks in their bowl of water. When I asked why, she explained that chickens are so stupid they will fall asleep in the water and drown so you put rocks in the bowl so they can't go too deep in the water...haha. Chickens are fun to watch. I could do without TV for awhile watching chicks peck

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

She's a Mama's girl

I've never seen a dog more attached to one person, than this one. Although she loves everyone, she is totally and completely a Mama's girl.
Paul says that when he's home alone and Im gone, she lays on the rug in front of the door, or sits on the back of the couch watching out the window and waiting for me to come home.
When Jen had her last back surgery, I spent a few days with her. Paul said he would go to bed and she refused to leave the front door.  He said when he would get up in the morning, she'd still be there...waiting.
I love that she's so attached to me, but it's a little scary too. I wish I knew what made a dog so attached to one person.

When we were on vacation in Sunriver last summer Paul bought this charm for her collar in the resort giftshop.  It says i love my Mom more than you. When you flip it over, the other side says... Go Away    
I doubt they intended it for a dog collar.  

I won't even tell you how much this stupid little silver charm was crazy expensive, but so totally perfect for her that he couldnt resist.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

lacing up

Yesterday Paul and I went to South Sound Running to get really fitted for the correct shoes for our feet. Not just the right size, but the right fit for our stride and our foot. It was kind of strange because we didn't pick out the shoes, the tech picked them out for us after watching us walk. He explained our strides to us and brought out a few pairs of shoes for us to try. He explained each shoe and why he chose it for us. For me it ended up being between two different pairs which felt entirely different on my feet.  In the end, I picked this pair. I'll train in them for awhile before picking out a second pair. I'll need two pairs, nicely broken in for the 3-day, 60 mile walk in September so these babies and I will be best friends. Im also testing out some new socks. Super important step if you dont want to get blisters, which can totally ruin a 60 mile walk. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

its an abandoned blog

Not really, but it feels like it.
Lately I feel like I've been so busy, but not busy with anything worth blogging about. Heck, I cant even think of a reasonably interesting facebook status to post much less a full blog post.  But in an effort to get back into the swing of blogging, Im going to start posting again.... O_O shock and awe, I know!!
This is going to be really boring, so hang on for awhile while I shake the rust off. I dont promise that it will get anymore interesting though.

Paul and I have been doing quite a bit of walking on the weekends in preparation of the 3-day walk in September. We're doing 6+ miles on the weekends and I try to get in as many miles as possible on the weekdays. I've been meaning to get my new walking shoes so I can make sure their broken in and nice and comfy before the 3 day.  I bought my sleeping bag and now am thinking of what kind of pad I need to put under it. I know one thing....since I'll be laying down on it after walking for 20 miles, three days in a row, it better be comfy. I am not a camper and my bones do not appreciate laying on cold hard earth.  I tested out one at REI this weekend, but the cost of it was equal to a night at the Holiday Inn. Maybe I'll look around a little more. After all, I really think these two nights are the last for quite awhile that I plan on sleeping outside on the ground.

In fundrasing news, Im a little over half way there. I have a few plans to finish up the last $800. I need to raise, but Im starting to feel a little stressed about wanting to get that part of it behind me. Jaryn and I have a few Bakesales planned, hopefully that will earn us what we need to get this part done.  Its truely the hardest part about this event.

No picture today...which is a bummer because I hate blog posts without something.
until next time :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

my first "cake" walk

This morning I drove south to meet up with my teammates for my first team training walk. There were 8 or so Hello Cupcake team members and a few ladies from another team walking with us. This will be the first of many many miles we will walk together this year.

It was really nice to meet these ladies who'd I'd only chatted online with. I got some good tips on training, fundraising and how to prepare for the walk itself. The 4 miles went by fast and it was fun to meet some brand new best friends :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

5k Fridays

Its a catchy name.
5k Friday :) 
I'm always inspired by Darci ever since I took a class from her at a CKC one year. She's cute, funny and super fun. I read her blog on and off and every time I read it I swear Im going to visit more often, because she's so real, and so inspiring. 
She shared a challenge to get moving and be active. She calls it 5k Fridays.
It could be walking, running, hiking, skiing, biking.... the goal is to simply be active for 3.1 miles.

I need to start doing 4, 5 and 6 mile walks on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays in the next 30 days to prepare for the 3-Day, so 5k Friday is definetly what I need to be well as 5k Tuesdays and Thrusdays with cross training of some sort on Wednesday.

Friday, March 11, 2011 it you?

yep. it is.
been gone but now Im back again.
I've got a lot ramblin around in the old brain and realized Ive been holding onto it because I havent written it down yet. Once I write things down, my brain can let them go.
So I plan to be back more often, because I need more room in my brain for new stuff.

so here's some stuff that I've been thinking about lately
These colors...I love them together

and this wall grouping

A bowl of message stones. This will be a fun rainy day project.  I would love to write down quotes I love onto stones and keep a bowl full of them around.

and finally this print. love it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


logged my first "training" miles today...not much I realize. Im pacing myself :)
Somehow calling a walk "training" makes it feel like something more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One ... or two little words

I have finally settled on my one little word for 2011.

In 2010 the word I picked to be my focus word was “Less”. Beyond last year I really couldn’t tell you what my word was…and I think that’s a problem. If you can’t remember your word throughout the year, how good was it?

Less was a pretty good word for me. I think I kept it in my head most of the year and tried my best to end up with less than when the year started, do with less during the year. Not stellar, but better than some of the other words I have had. I'm sure I must have had Simplify as my word one year, because just about everyone has had that word at least once…

What I have found with a focus word like Simplify is that it’s not specific enough for me to really feel like I have a pin point to focus on. Less was sort of vague, but it is more specific than simplify which is why I think I was more successful with less. I knew what I needed to do. I needed less. But it’s still vague enough to feel successful at the end of the year.

So I thought long and hard about a word for 2011.
Like everyone, I really want to make an ongoing commitment to exercise, so maybe something along those lines would be good. A personal goal for myself ...The whole move more, eat less concept.
But, like many fitness, get healthier resolutions, that commitment starts to waver somewhere around mid February, word or no word. I didn’t want my word to fail me this year, or me to fail my word.
I thought of rejoining the Y. But I had cancelled our membership last year because we hadn’t gone through those doors in over 7 months, even though it was costing us $75 per month. So that probably wasn't going to work. I also considered my treadmill…which although I do use it occasionally, I'm usually too tired to use it before or after work during the week, which was also the reason why we never went to the Y. I find the same problem with the work out tapes and the wii fitness.

Whatever was going to work for me had to be convenient and could be incorporated into my daily life. What I settled on was something easy to fit into my work day. Something I could do during the day, any day and every day. It had to be something that didn’t require me hauling a gym bag to work or taking a shower and redoing my makeup and hair before I could return to my desk. Been there, tried that, bound to fail. We get to work in the morning at 7 and get home from work almost 11 hours later. You really don't feel like doing much else after you've made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I know that without a doubt.

I kept thinking, why don’t I just walk? Walking is good exercise. Walking is easy on my knees. Walking can be done anywhere. It requires no equipment, no gym membership. All it requires is consistency and a pair of shoes.

So, why not "Just Walk"?

Oversimplification? Perhaps. But I think its specific enough that I know exactly what I need to focus on. It’s convenient enough I can do it long term. If this is what my focus is on I can quit worrying about all the other stuff…the gym memberships, fitness tapes and the guilt when I don’t follow through.

To make sure I remember what my focus is, I’ll be wearing this every day.

I started to have them print Just Walk on the necklace, but at the last moment changed it to Walk.
Since I'll be wearing it everyday, having Walk stamped on it seemed a little less weird than Just Walk.

My one little word for 2011 is really two little words. Just Walk

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Reality and balance

Can you believe I’m posting again?! Neither can I.
Its something I really miss and want to get better at again in 2011. It seems to go hand in hand with my scrapping, because I slacked off with both at about the same time. I want to do more of both in the new year.
As Im cleaning up the dregs of the christmas decorations, I look forward to freshening and lightening my decorating as I go. Everything looks so clean once the holiday decorations are gone. I love them, but Im ready to pack them up. Clean and fresh makes it feel like it should almost be spring, when in reality winter has only begun.

Sometimes, I walk through my house and I shudder at the clutter.
Piles of “things” surround me. mail, to-do lists, half completed projects, piles of stuff.
I search for calm amungst the busy. Clutter free table tops. Clear walls and bare shelves holding baskets with a few items in each one instead of overflowing. Organized closets and pantry.

After all the heavy christmas decorations I crave simplicity.

I want organization.

Meal plans…simple meals that are do-able at the end of a long work day.

I want to craft again. scrapbook. Quilt. Decorate. Garden.

God knows, I need to exercise.

But sometimes its so overwhelming, so I just do none of the above.
Life is a continual struggle between what we want it to be and what we actually are making it to be. Trying to get those two things closer and closer together is the struggle. The balance between wants and needs and reality and what we can and cannot change.
And its something I'll be working really hard to get back in balance with in 2011

Happy new year everyone