Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One ... or two little words

I have finally settled on my one little word for 2011.

In 2010 the word I picked to be my focus word was “Less”. Beyond last year I really couldn’t tell you what my word was…and I think that’s a problem. If you can’t remember your word throughout the year, how good was it?

Less was a pretty good word for me. I think I kept it in my head most of the year and tried my best to end up with less than when the year started, do with less during the year. Not stellar, but better than some of the other words I have had. I'm sure I must have had Simplify as my word one year, because just about everyone has had that word at least once…

What I have found with a focus word like Simplify is that it’s not specific enough for me to really feel like I have a pin point to focus on. Less was sort of vague, but it is more specific than simplify which is why I think I was more successful with less. I knew what I needed to do. I needed less. But it’s still vague enough to feel successful at the end of the year.

So I thought long and hard about a word for 2011.
Like everyone, I really want to make an ongoing commitment to exercise, so maybe something along those lines would be good. A personal goal for myself ...The whole move more, eat less concept.
But, like many fitness, get healthier resolutions, that commitment starts to waver somewhere around mid February, word or no word. I didn’t want my word to fail me this year, or me to fail my word.
I thought of rejoining the Y. But I had cancelled our membership last year because we hadn’t gone through those doors in over 7 months, even though it was costing us $75 per month. So that probably wasn't going to work. I also considered my treadmill…which although I do use it occasionally, I'm usually too tired to use it before or after work during the week, which was also the reason why we never went to the Y. I find the same problem with the work out tapes and the wii fitness.

Whatever was going to work for me had to be convenient and could be incorporated into my daily life. What I settled on was something easy to fit into my work day. Something I could do during the day, any day and every day. It had to be something that didn’t require me hauling a gym bag to work or taking a shower and redoing my makeup and hair before I could return to my desk. Been there, tried that, bound to fail. We get to work in the morning at 7 and get home from work almost 11 hours later. You really don't feel like doing much else after you've made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I know that without a doubt.

I kept thinking, why don’t I just walk? Walking is good exercise. Walking is easy on my knees. Walking can be done anywhere. It requires no equipment, no gym membership. All it requires is consistency and a pair of shoes.

So, why not "Just Walk"?

Oversimplification? Perhaps. But I think its specific enough that I know exactly what I need to focus on. It’s convenient enough I can do it long term. If this is what my focus is on I can quit worrying about all the other stuff…the gym memberships, fitness tapes and the guilt when I don’t follow through.

To make sure I remember what my focus is, I’ll be wearing this every day.

I started to have them print Just Walk on the necklace, but at the last moment changed it to Walk.
Since I'll be wearing it everyday, having Walk stamped on it seemed a little less weird than Just Walk.

My one little word for 2011 is really two little words. Just Walk

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Suzelle said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Susan :)