Saturday, January 01, 2011

Reality and balance

Can you believe I’m posting again?! Neither can I.
Its something I really miss and want to get better at again in 2011. It seems to go hand in hand with my scrapping, because I slacked off with both at about the same time. I want to do more of both in the new year.
As Im cleaning up the dregs of the christmas decorations, I look forward to freshening and lightening my decorating as I go. Everything looks so clean once the holiday decorations are gone. I love them, but Im ready to pack them up. Clean and fresh makes it feel like it should almost be spring, when in reality winter has only begun.

Sometimes, I walk through my house and I shudder at the clutter.
Piles of “things” surround me. mail, to-do lists, half completed projects, piles of stuff.
I search for calm amungst the busy. Clutter free table tops. Clear walls and bare shelves holding baskets with a few items in each one instead of overflowing. Organized closets and pantry.

After all the heavy christmas decorations I crave simplicity.

I want organization.

Meal plans…simple meals that are do-able at the end of a long work day.

I want to craft again. scrapbook. Quilt. Decorate. Garden.

God knows, I need to exercise.

But sometimes its so overwhelming, so I just do none of the above.
Life is a continual struggle between what we want it to be and what we actually are making it to be. Trying to get those two things closer and closer together is the struggle. The balance between wants and needs and reality and what we can and cannot change.
And its something I'll be working really hard to get back in balance with in 2011

Happy new year everyone


Sharon Bloom said...

happy new year to you and Paul! Here's hoping for a simple yet productive year for you!

Jill said...

Wishing you a great new year! We must be living parallel lives because I feel the exact same way! Good luck finding balance and be sure and share any tips you find along the way!

Suzanne said...

Absolutely lovely post Susan :) If it helps I look at the clutter as an extension of me! I clear out things that don't matter too much, but being mid-forties I've so many memories attached to the clutter that it makes me smile xx

Christie said...

So glad you are posting again Susan!! Hope you have a blessed 2011! It will be a productive one ;)