Monday, March 14, 2011

5k Fridays

Its a catchy name.
5k Friday :) 
I'm always inspired by Darci ever since I took a class from her at a CKC one year. She's cute, funny and super fun. I read her blog on and off and every time I read it I swear Im going to visit more often, because she's so real, and so inspiring. 
She shared a challenge to get moving and be active. She calls it 5k Fridays.
It could be walking, running, hiking, skiing, biking.... the goal is to simply be active for 3.1 miles.

I need to start doing 4, 5 and 6 mile walks on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays in the next 30 days to prepare for the 3-Day, so 5k Friday is definetly what I need to be well as 5k Tuesdays and Thrusdays with cross training of some sort on Wednesday.

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