Monday, May 23, 2011

its an abandoned blog

Not really, but it feels like it.
Lately I feel like I've been so busy, but not busy with anything worth blogging about. Heck, I cant even think of a reasonably interesting facebook status to post much less a full blog post.  But in an effort to get back into the swing of blogging, Im going to start posting again.... O_O shock and awe, I know!!
This is going to be really boring, so hang on for awhile while I shake the rust off. I dont promise that it will get anymore interesting though.

Paul and I have been doing quite a bit of walking on the weekends in preparation of the 3-day walk in September. We're doing 6+ miles on the weekends and I try to get in as many miles as possible on the weekdays. I've been meaning to get my new walking shoes so I can make sure their broken in and nice and comfy before the 3 day.  I bought my sleeping bag and now am thinking of what kind of pad I need to put under it. I know one thing....since I'll be laying down on it after walking for 20 miles, three days in a row, it better be comfy. I am not a camper and my bones do not appreciate laying on cold hard earth.  I tested out one at REI this weekend, but the cost of it was equal to a night at the Holiday Inn. Maybe I'll look around a little more. After all, I really think these two nights are the last for quite awhile that I plan on sleeping outside on the ground.

In fundrasing news, Im a little over half way there. I have a few plans to finish up the last $800. I need to raise, but Im starting to feel a little stressed about wanting to get that part of it behind me. Jaryn and I have a few Bakesales planned, hopefully that will earn us what we need to get this part done.  Its truely the hardest part about this event.

No picture today...which is a bummer because I hate blog posts without something.
until next time :)


Suzanne said...

Welcome home! Welcome ..... Sing along :) xx

Tracy said...

glad you returned <3