Sunday, May 29, 2011

lacing up

Yesterday Paul and I went to South Sound Running to get really fitted for the correct shoes for our feet. Not just the right size, but the right fit for our stride and our foot. It was kind of strange because we didn't pick out the shoes, the tech picked them out for us after watching us walk. He explained our strides to us and brought out a few pairs of shoes for us to try. He explained each shoe and why he chose it for us. For me it ended up being between two different pairs which felt entirely different on my feet.  In the end, I picked this pair. I'll train in them for awhile before picking out a second pair. I'll need two pairs, nicely broken in for the 3-day, 60 mile walk in September so these babies and I will be best friends. Im also testing out some new socks. Super important step if you dont want to get blisters, which can totally ruin a 60 mile walk. 


Reen said...

Those look like good walkers. I've been wearing Avia for the last few years and I'm having good luck with those being lightweight, comfy and lasting lots of miles. I'm ready for a new pair this summer. Happy walking!

Tracy said...

I wish I knew of a store around here like that, Susan!?! I'm wondering if it feels like a good investment now that some time has passed? I'm thinking the answer is yes.