Sunday, June 19, 2011

chick chick

So on fathers day my sister received a box full of chicks she had ordered.  They were so cute!
They'd been in a box overnight and once they got let out, they had a big drink of water, a nice warm clean rubbermaid box, and a heat lamp.
Every one of them was a different kind of chicken.  I loved this one

There were several that had zebra stripes on them. I don't know what its going to look like when its a grown chicken, but as a chick its pretty darn cute...
Here's a look into the box...lots and lots of chickies...

here's another shot of my favorite.  Cute and fluffy for now.

This guy has a big pom pom on his head. It'll grow into a big feather poof.  

Chickie butts...hehe
They were really entertaining. We watched them hop around, peck at the newspaper and drink water. My sister put rocks in their bowl of water. When I asked why, she explained that chickens are so stupid they will fall asleep in the water and drown so you put rocks in the bowl so they can't go too deep in the water...haha. Chickens are fun to watch. I could do without TV for awhile watching chicks peck


Suzelle said...

How cute they are !!!! Too funny about the rocks. Not the sharpest animals in the barn I guess :)

Tracy said...

CUTENESS! (especially love the chickie butts...hehe)