Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I have drifted away from blogging lately. I feel with posting status updates on Facebook I'm saying all I need to say about whats happening in my life. I haven't read blogs or even thought about blogs the whole summer. Nor have I worked on my scrapbook
...and I do miss it.
Maybe its the colder season coming that makes me want to scrapbook and blog.

Today I flipped through some of my favorite blogs. This always inspires me to do more of this myself. Reading some of the entries really brought it home to me how much I miss documenting.
Right now Paul and I are on a great adventure. We have spent much of the past two months looking for a house to buy in Oregon that will be our second home for awhile, and eventually be our full time home. This is a huge milestone for us. One we have been planning and saving for for most of our married life...and I should be documenting the process.
Traveling back and forth, constantly scanning new MLS listings, working with our Realtor, these are the things that consume almost every day and many weekends. Its a 6 hour drive each way so going to look at a house takes some planning.
And I haven't been documenting any of it.
I know that I will regret it someday.
So, today that will change.

To start, I saw a post that Ali did a few days ago. She's such a great inspiration when it comes to just putting down daily thoughts. She posted an entry of some random things that were happening in their world.  I'm stealing her idea, copied some of hers and thought of some of my own.
Here's whats going on at our house this week

of home decorating
Lots of great ideas on lately. This website is one of my favorite pastimes lately
that a house I'm falling in love with is still on the market this weekend when we will finally get to go see it.
another trip to Oregon this weekend...see praying
Ethan and Jaryn came over last night so we picked up a take home and bake pizza. I forgot Ethan wants plain cheese but he seemed happy after everything was picked off for him and he ate two pieces. As long as there's plenty of Ranch dressing for him to dip it in, he's happy.
for the Thanksgiving table decorations. I'm excited that we are hosting my family this year at our house.
We baked a turkey breast this past weekend with some stuffing we picked up from Metropolitan Market. Getting in the mood for fall.

That's small, but its a start...more to come

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