Monday, January 16, 2012

finally found

Its been a long time in waiting, but a home in the neighborhood that we love finally came up for sale.
There was one a few blocks away from this one that we missed last August so we've been waiting and looking ever since. That other house sold in two days so we knew that if one came up we needed to jump on it right away.
The day this one came available we contacted our realtor and she went to look at it right away.
We have been working with her since last summer and have been out to look at houses with her many many times. We trusted her to look things over for us, describe the floor plan, layout and condition to us over the phone.
Since we already knew that we loved the neighborhood, that was about 80% of the decision already made for us. As long as there was nothing major, things on the inside of the home can be changed over time. It will be several years before we move there full time anyway.
Its in a darling neighborhood with a park and streets like Cherry Tree Lane, Wisteria Lane, Hummingbird lane...
All the garages are to the backs of the homes and are entered in through the alley streets. The streets are lined with flowering cherry trees. I'm so excited to see it this spring.
So, we submitted our offer and the owner accepted. Now to just wait weeks for the bank to approve the short sale price. My tummy is doing somersaults