Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Update on painting projects-
We decided to start  painting in the kitchen first so we could get it painted before we bought the refrigerator. No need to move that at least until we tackle the cabinet painting.
Here's a before of the barfy yellow wall color....As an accent wall color in some other room it probably would be fine, but in the kitchen it offers no contrast between the wall color and maple cabinet color...which is probably why the previous owner decided to attempt to paint the cabinets and the island a distressed brown.

We wanted something more light and bright. A classic white kitchen has always been a favorite of mine and since she halfway painted the cabinets, well...that just made our decision to paint them white a much easier choice. This is the inspiration photo we like.

And here's our "after" with the wall painting done.
We plan to paint the cabinets and the island white, and the island laminate will be replaced with wood butcher block. The lights above it will be replaced with two hanging pendant lights. The appliances will be switched out for stainless. 
That big open closet to the right is actually the laundry area. Eventually we will move the laundry into the garage and make this into a pantry.

These color samples on the wall were the three color choices we started with and we went with the middle one. Its Valspar Allen + Roth Courtyard. 
I want to put two shelves between those cabinets over the sink...a place to display some pretty things and to store a few cookbooks.

Something like this one in the picture below. I haven't decided if I will remove the doors from the two outside cabinets yet. We'll see how it looks once they get painted. I'd love the crown molding going all the way across the top to join the three units.

Here's another kitchen with shelves between two cabinets over the sink...This one has an open top shelf with no crown molding joining the end cabinets together. probably much simpler to do and I like it as well.
Here's a third picture showing what it would look like with the cabinet doors on.
So that's where we're at. 
We'll tackle the white cabinets after we get the living / dining room area's painted. I'm ready to get a sofa and love seat in there so we have something to sit on and we don't want to get that until we've finished painting the walls.

For now it feels good that we've made one room feel a bit more like "us".