Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Black Red Blue or dark plum door

So the next question is the front door color.
We pretty much thought we were going with a pop of color on the door and would choose red.
But now I'm thinking maybe black.
This is a VERY VERY lame attempt to see the house with each color.
Don't be jealous of my skills :-)
We've also talked about putting a window box under the office window and planting a larger tree on the right side.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The outside of the little bungalow gets some love

We've spent the last two years fixing up the inside of the house in Oregon.
This year we really wanted to focus on the outside.
But first, heres a little view of where we started.
Its nothing fancy, just a little plain Jane craftsman style bungalow. Its problem was that it lacked much in the way of charm. 
We wanted to give her some curb appeal and fancy her up a bit.

We drove around some of our favorite neighborhoods, finding things that we thought we could do to spruce her up a bit.  We love the look of a real craftsman bungalow and although our house had the bones of a craftsman, it didn't have any of the "bling" that makes a craftsman really cute.
This is a home that we actually looked at with our realtor when we were house hunting. It was for sale back then. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the inside of it.  Adorable house, beautiful kitchen, small bedrooms and living room, and no yard what so ever. We did love it though, loved the neighborhood, didn't love the price. 

So we went to work to add some serious craftsman charm to our little bungalow.
First we had to get rid of the fake shake siding on our roof peaks and add some cedar shake shingles.
Surprise when our contractor removed the fake shakes, there wasn't anything underneath it. Thats a problem.

You kinda need something to attach the cedar shake to. So, they took off all the fake shake and put up some new plywood sheeting. 
We also had him remove the window trim and replace it with something a bit more beefy. 
And I'd also like to just say how beautiful is that cloudy blue sky? So blue and pretty

Next up was to remove the boring siding they had trimmed out the porch columns and build bases. The top part will be covered with cedar, the bottoms will be covered in dry stack stone.
Here's a photo of another house that served as our inspiration

So Jon removed the siding from the columns and built a base for the stone.

Here we are after the cedar shake, new trimmed out windows, bases covered and ready for stone. It looks better already.

 Crowbar Construction goes into a holding pattern now until JAF Stonework has finished their part covering those pillar bases with stacked stone.

Jeff started with the corner pieces the first day.

On the second day he started filling in the small spaces between the corner stones, hand trimming the stone pieces to fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Now that the bases are covered, Jeff will add stone caps to the tops of these bases.

Once thats done, Crowbar construction came back to trim out the pillars and put the spindles in the railing.

The back of the house got a facelift also with some cedar shake above the garage.

Next week the painter comes in to paint.
After that the lights will be replaced and then some new landscaping.
So, here's the before

and here's the After

The following week the painters came in to make some really big changes! Ta-da!!!

So there we go...lots of changes for the little bungalow